Privacy Policy

Auto Liker for Facebook is one of the leading tools which is committed protecting the privacy of users and not storing a single detail. Your information is accessible by "Access Token" for the service you want, and it can be related to getting like as well as comment. You get a safe use because we are not selling or distributing your information and purchases at to third parties. Your information will be used to improve the website and user-interface for future purpose. All is done at your permissions. In other words, we are keeping your detail safe and away from all the issues.

Check out our Privacy Policies thoroughly which will help you understand that what data we collect. For any query, write us at [email protected].

Personal information

Do we collect your personal information? Well, we are not even your name even storing your name and such other details. There s no need of revealing any sort of information to get started. You can begin by submitting Name and Email Address. It can help you by making things easier that's why we keep less critical information for your convenience factor. Even all the things will be stored securely because there are Network Firewalls keeping everything sorted out, encrypted and secure. We focus on utmost confidentiality which can help with your safety in all conditions.

How and When We Are Using Your Personal Information?

While Making orders Online

Wondering that when we use your information? Well, whenever you make any purchase or place an order of likes, we are storing a little information in that particular hour. In order to seek any sort of further clarification regarding service, we are using your information in that hour. We get permissions from you before accessing a single detail.

Our Survey and Contests

Sometimes we do the survey, and you can find some contests too which are done to know more about our tool. In such cases, if you provide any personal opinion, then we store your name as you provided an opinion and what was your opinion also. When we select the winner of the contest, we access more information like Email ID and name so that we can inform you.

Support Team

We have a technical support team that is always ready to help you out. When you make any query, then our team is accessing the personal information. But, we have set so many, and our policies don't allow us to access more than Email and Name. It will be used in the period of contacting you.


We are providing the best security possible and keeping all your transaction details confidential. We follow the same for credit information and method of transaction. However, we are not taking any responsibility for breach of security.

Changes Policy

Auto Liker for Facebook reserving the right of making any sort of changes in the policy. If there is any change made in policy, then that will be posted here on this page. To stay up to date, keep checking our Privacy Policy page periodically.

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