People who visit us for the first time have many questions. Well, we have the answer for all. The below given are Frequently Asked Questions to check out now.

Q1. What is Auto Liker for Facebook?
Answer: – Auto Liker for Facebook is well known and leading social marketing application helpful to boost the number of likes. Even it can provide comments on the chosen Facebook Status, Posts, Images, and Videos.

Q2. Why my post should be on Public?
Answer: The profiles that are going to like your picture need to access of Post. Getting the access not a big deal but Facebook doesn't let unknowns to like and comment that's why we ask you to turn the privacy to public. It is easy and quite helpful also.

Q3. Are there any chances of getting my account masked Spam after using Facebook Auto like?
Answer: Worrying about safety factor is common, and we ensure you that there are no chances that your account can be marked as spam. Safety is our first factor, and you will be getting genuine like so there is no use of bots.

Q4. Why do I need Access Code and What is it?
Answer: An Access Code is a key to make your account connect with the app and providing likes on your images and status. It work perfectly and help the tool, so, you don’t have to provide FB account and password.

Q5. How To Stop Using This Application Or How To Log Out?
Answer: Both questions are quite different from each other, but the answer is same. The method to log out is simple, and you can do it by changing the Facebook Password. So, you can disclose all the services by using this method.

Q6. Is this Tool safe to use?
Answer: Safety is the key factor, and we are always focusing on introducing the best method to keep your information hidden by encryption. Even, we are not storing any information like your username and all.

Q7. How does Facebook Auto Liker work?
Answer: Just by following all the steps and getting the access token, you enroll in. Now, you choose the posts that you want to use for like. Well, others do the same so it becomes a platform, and everyone likes each other picture here.

Q8. What is the Limit Facebook auto like?
Answer: Well, you can use our Facebook Auto Like tool numerous times without any issue. But, the limit for a post is 300 likes. You can use the tool many times and get more likes on the same.

Above given are all the FAQs and if you have any query now or in future then head over to Contact Us button and get your issue resolved in seconds.

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